Dr. Nibras Sharif - Dentist

Dr. Nibras Sharif - Dentist at Unity Square Dental

I graduated from the University of Alberta Dental Department in 2014. I also researched antibacterial therapies and childhood decay during my PhD while living in Norway. Being in the dental field for over 22 years, I have learned the importance of keeping up with the latest research, techniques and technology. Having had childhood dental anxiety and a gag reflex has made me understand what patients face when going to the dentist. I therefore strive to create an anxiety-free environment and listen to the needs of my patients. I have a special interest in calming anxiety through the use of guided relaxation techniques. I enjoy long walks, listening to music, yoga and meditating. I believe in the importance of positive energy in both our actions and thoughts. I also love writing and illustrating concepts related to my work. In 2021, I published a children’s book called (How To Shape A Perfect Smile). Currently I am working on my second book on the benefits of chewing. My ultimate goal is to help you reach your health needs for life. We strive to create a friendly and compassionate atmosphere in our clinic. My aim is to always be honest and give options for your needs. I look forward to meeting you and having the pleasure of being your dentist.