Myofunctional Therapy in Edmonton

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Myofunctional therapy, often associated with devices like Myobraces, is a treatment that focuses on addressing improper muscle function and oral habits that can have an effect on the development of children, specifically in the face, jaws, and teeth in children.

Myofunctional Therapy in Edmonton

What is Myofunctional Therapy (Myobraces)?

Myofunctional therapy aims to correct or prevent oral issues in a child’s development by training the muscles and improving oral function and posture. The two ways this therapy is administered are through:

  • Muscle Training – Myofunctional therapy involves exercises and techniques to train and strengthen the muscles of the face, mouth, and throat to achieve proper oral function and posture.
  • Oral Habits Correction – It aims to correct harmful oral habits like tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, incorrect swallowing, and thumb-sucking, which can impact facial and dental development.

Issues Myobraces Help With

  • Malocclusion – Myofunctional therapy can help address various types of malocclusion (misalignment of teeth or jaws), including crowded teeth, open bite, overbite, and underbite.
  • Orthodontic Concerns – It can be used as part of orthodontic treatment to facilitate the movement of teeth and improve treatment outcomes.
  • Sleep Apnea and Breathing Disorders – Myofunctional therapy may assist in improving breathing patterns, especially for those with sleep apnea or other breathing disorders.

Benefits of Myobraces (Myofunctional Therapy)

  • Natural and Non-Invasive – Myobraces offer a natural and non-invasive approach to correct oral muscle function and habits, reducing the need for more invasive procedures.
  • Enhanced Facial Development – By training the muscles and promoting proper oral function, myofunctional therapy can improve facial development, potentially leading to a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing face.
  • Orthodontic Support – Myobraces can complement orthodontic treatment by preparing the mouth for braces or aligners, potentially reducing the time needed for traditional orthodontic treatment.
  • Improved Breathing and Sleep – Correcting oral habits and muscle function can enhance breathing and potentially alleviate sleep-related issues.

Process of Receiving Myobraces

  1. Visit us at Unity Square Dental where Dr. Shariff will perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine if myobraces suit you.
  2. A customized treatment plan will address your concerns and needs based on the evaluation. If myobraces are recommended, you’ll receive the myobrace appliance and detailed instructions on using it and performing the prescribed exercises.
  3. Attend follow-up appointments to monitor your progress, adjust the myobrace as needed, and receive exercise guidance.

Are You Looking For Myofunctional Therapy Near You?

Suppose you want to learn more about myofunctional therapy and myobraces in Edmonton or want to discuss your concerns. In that case, we invite you to schedule an information session at Unity Square Dental. We’re here to provide detailed information, address any queries you have and support you in reaching the best possible oral health and function through myofunctional therapy.